Reliable partners are the key to successful business

It is much more pleasant to run a business when you have complete, clear information about all transactions, income and expenses

Would you also like to run your business like this? We will help you. Our company has developed a platform that will help make your business efficient and profitable.

We provide all conditions for open cooperation with China. Therefore, we are now looking for partners who will help us delegate our business areas to America, Europe, the CIS and the BRICs group of countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

Why do you need our platform?

  1. We will share our experience with you and teach you how to work for yourself.
  2. We will teach you how to earn money on fair terms
  3. We will tell you about all the difficulties and warn you against possible mistakes

Terms of cooperation:

  1. The transparency of the business. Mutual provision of all information about the ongoing processes.
  2. Openness of prices. You will know the real cost of goods without any extra charges.
  3. Official cooperation, signing of the contract
  4. The profit received is divided between the partners, based on two third-party agreements

Our goal:

  1. Actively develop the B2B platform
  2. Bring our company to an international IPO within five years
  3. Offer a simpler way to work with Asian production
  4. Develop international markets around the world along with our partners.

Tasks of our partners:

  1. Represent our interests during international transactions between the manufacturer and the consumer;
  2. Do marketing research and engage in market development
  3. Be responsible for all contracts
  4. Execute all customs documents
  5. Find an individual approach to the client

We will provide our partners with a production base and help them build communication with customers

The things you will get:

  1. Ready-made and processed database of manufacturers;
  2. Selected database of logistics companies and agents;
  3. Official documents of importing goods to your region;
  4. Save time when searching for a manufacturer;
  5. Save time when placing your order;
  6. Tracking the quality of your own product during production;
  7. . Verification of all documents when making a transaction in China;
  8. A reliable partner;
  9. Several warehouses for cargo storage in the territory of China;

Plan for cooperation:

  1. The client contacts us on the issue of joint cooperation;
  2. We sign a joint cooperation agreement;
  3. We discuss all possible actions of joint development in the market;
  4. We discuss and set the planned goals of joint work for the next year;
  5. We calculate the joint budget and calculate it for the next year;
  6. Run ads in all possible directions, track the flow of consumers on our platform;
  7. Joint turnkey project automation.

Attracting a stream of people and making a joint profit:

  1. The client makes a request on the B2B platform «»;
  2. Get a list of direct manufacturers in various provinces of China;
  3. Independently contacts and negotiates the desired product;
  4. Approves production terms and sets prices;
  5. There is a discussion of the quality and shipment of the product;
  6. If the customer is satisfied with the terms of cooperation, then he signs the contract for the delivery of goods;
  7. Waits for the time of production of the goods and the appointment of the terms of its loading.

All companies are qualified carriers

  1. The client applies to the logistics company;
  2. Provides a packing list from the manufacturer;
  3. Approves the terms of delivery of containers or removal of cargo from production;
  4. Approves the destination of the cargo from the factory;
  5. Approves the price of cargo transportation to the customs warehouse;
  6. Agrees the customs duty of the cargo;
  7. Enters into an agreement between the manufacturer and the cargo carrier;
  8. Waiting for the goods to be loaded and delivered to their destination.

Support from the People's Republic of China:

  1. Our team always accompanies the transaction;
  2. Negotiates with manufacturers and signs contracts;
  3. Approves production prices and represents the client's interests;
  4. Tracks the time of production and shipment of cargo;
  5. Monitors the timing of cargo arrival at the customs warehouse;
  6. Tracks cargo taxation by China;
  7. Tracks the freight of transportation;
  8. Monitors the correctness of cargo transportation to the destination and its transfer to the customer;
  9. . Monitors the correctness of payment and payment of all taxes.

Our company is glad to cooperate and develop the international innovative business platform Snap and Get with you!

We are always glad to new cooperation
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