Business turnkey in China

China is open to everyone. It is no secret that many people made their first million on the resale of goods from China. Read below how to start your business in China.

Many people are asking questions: "What product should I get?", "How do I find a manufacturer?" or "What is MOFCOM and SAIC?".

In business with China, there are many pioneers who intuitively opened door after door and achieved impressive results. There are many articles, videos and books about how to run business in the Chinese market, but the result depends only on your actions.

It is necessary to study all the nuances of business with China in order to enter this market safely.

When you think about how to start a business, you have the following options:
  1. Run it yourself
  2. Contact professionals

Бизнес с Китаем под ключ

Comprehensive professional support

Not every beginner can minimize risks, take into account the business nuances and competently execute the documents.

Now many startups are under protection of the experienced businessmen who mentor and guide them.

It's the same in our field. We are ready to provide our professional support for you to launch a project in China.

Having studied the Chinese business environment from the inside, we created a strategy for bringing a startup to the Chinese market.

Business organization and deliveries from China

Comprehensive support means a comprehensive result. The organization of business with China on a turnkey basis includes:
  • Searching for products, suppliers and manufacturers with verified documentation and factory visits
  • Legal support of the registration of the company to open a corporate account in the Bank of China
  • Conducting negotiations with potential partners
  • Organization of production or purchasing with quality control of products / goods without intermediaries to save your money
  • Organization of storage in our own warehouses, logistics and delivery

Why you should consider starting a turnkey business:

  1. You may not have a detailed knowledge of the language, so our staff will help you conduct successful negotiations
  2. The laws of your country differ significantly from what they have in China, so you will need to study the documents for weeks to learn all the nuances of building a legitimate business
  3. We have the opportunity to reach well-known manufacturers, besides, we have established relationships with the largest wholesalers.
  4. Will you save your own budget during grueling legal procedures? If you are not ready to answer, we will take responsibility for your finances.
  5. . Finally, you can be calm over such matters as finding a product for export and establishing relationships with the supplier. Your financial result depends on this step.

Advantages of working with us:

  1. We check and ship products to you free of charge
  2. We discuss all the nuances with the manufacturer and sign a contract
  3. The work is performed promptly, openly and on favorable terms for both parties
  4. In the shortest possible time, we will set up your business and bring the project to its first financial results
  5. A turnkey business project is a justified investment for those who plan to seriously and permanently cooperate with Chinese manufacturers

Professional support is a guarantee of great results in any field

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