Checking suppliers

Reasons for checking suppliers

In 2017, the Chinese government called on Hong Kong to disclose all companies registered to citizens of the People's Republic of China and provide their bank accounts.

This was done to identify manufacturers who evade taxes in China. After that, China demanded:

  1. Legalize business
  2. Disclose all suppliers of raw materials
  3. Report expenses and income
  4. Report each sale of the product abroad or to the local market

The government has set the time for inspections of various provinces for production licenses.

нанять переводчика в Китае

China has proven itself
as the main production center of the whole world

China has signed an international treaty on the preservation of the environment. The government has asked many heavy industry producers to close production or move it to the Northern provinces.

Most manufacturers opposed this and began to hide their production and avoid paying taxes. This resulted in production delays and higher prices, as most producers or suppliers of raw materials reduced supplies. This has also led to a number of changes in the market.

What are the consequences of detecting an intruder
  1. Withdrawal of equipment
  2. Deprivation of work rights
  3. Assigning fines
  4. Confiscation of goods

Most manufacturers, in order to save their business, try to work in the evenings, reduce their staff or transfer production to larger manufacturers.

Raw materials on the market have become more expensive, there are many cheap goods, drains and even more intermediaries.
The decline in the supply of raw materials to the market will then begin to affect the very ability of the People's Republic of China to supply the entire world with its goods.

Insurance against risks
What will the check give you?
  • Obtaining detailed and complete information about the manufacturer, availability of constituent documents, quality certificates and export licenses
  • Providing accurate information about the legal and actual address, bank account details
  • Request and familiarization with the financial statements of the company and the amount of authorized capital
  • Report on the visit of the production site and the capacity of the staff
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