Exhibitions in China

Visiting exhibitions in China

China is the heart of the world economy of the XXI century - few people would like to argue this statement. According to statistics, a phone and a TV-set are made in China every second, and the inscription "Made in China" is found on more than 80% of products worldwide. Whereas in the past this inscription meant low quality of the product, nowadays everything has changed. Today, we can observe a significant improvement in the quality of Chinese products.

These indicators only show that China is an economically developing country that can offer a wide range of products to the foreign market.

For this purpose, major international exhibitions are held annually. Direct suppliers present their product range at these events.

Why are chinese exhibitions attractive?

The exhibition is an opportunity to find new suppliers, establish business contacts and get acquainted with the range of imported products

In addition, presentations and master classes are held at the exhibition, where you can participate and increase the chance to find partners/clients. Worth mentioning that these are thousands of ideas for your business.

If you

  • Have no experience of visiting such exhibitions
  • Not sure if you know Chinese or English
  • Not ready to spend time adapting to a foreign country

Then we are ready to accompany you to the exhibition.

We provide support at the following exhibitions:

  • Lineapelle Asia
  • Canton Fair
  • Home Delight Expo
  • Foundry & Die-casting
  • HCI
  • Deco Expo

These are the largest international exhibitions that bring together “crème de la crème" of the business community.

Accompanying to an exhibition in China

Effect-oriented trip
  • We plan the program of your business trip in advance: booking air tickets, transfers, hotel reservations and accompanying
  • We provide an interpreter to accompany you and conduct negotiations. With his help, you can communicate with your potential suppliers
  • Optimize your time and financial costs
Perhaps you are now thinking about the feasibility of being accompanied at the exhibition. Please remember that you are with us

Save time

The Chinese exhibition may take 5-7 days if you visit it yourself. We plan your route to the desired pavilions correctly to reduce the time to 2-3 days. The rest of the time we can spend on visiting wholesale markets, attractions, factories.

Get a competent interpreter-negotiator

You will be accompanied by a person who has helped establish partnerships with hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Save a few thousand dollars

We will organize your route in such a way as to optimize your expenses as much as possible.

In addition, after the exhibition, we will introduce you to the city, chinese cuisine and culture. You will have the opportunity to see china from every angle.
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