Legal support of your business

Legal support of the business is one of the main aspects that you need to pay attention to when launching your project. This is the foundation for your company and at the same time a good business cover in case of troubles.

Business in China and its legal support has a number of subtleties that are not clear to notice for aspiring businesspeople.

Usually legal assistance is required in two cases:

  1. Company registration.
  2. In case of disputes with the Chinese manufacturer.

Now, for example, there is the following trend in Chinese business: since China began to occupy a leading position in the production of goods on the world market, there have been more unscrupulous Chinese manufacturers who violate the terms of contracts, supply low-quality goods and violate deadlines.

Accordingly, the number of court proceedings has increased. Most of them could have been prevented in a pre-trial order and saved money and nerves.

Before the foundation of the project "To the Asian market", our team members conducted business of various types: from a chain of pizzerias to establishing a gold trade, so we are well versed in this field.

Our staff consists of competent lawyers who have extensive experience in resolving disputes in China and Hong Kong.

We provide the following legal services

  1. Registering a company in China and collecting documents
  2. Consultation on the rules for importing goods to China
  3. Company Registration and corporate services
  4. Checking the integrity of Chinese suppliers
  5. Monitoring the execution of contracts by Chinese companies
  6. Developing of direct contracts
  7. Resolving disputes with Chinese suppliers in pre-trial or judicial proceedings
  8. Ensuring the security of commercial tran

Payment is made in stages within the agreed time frame

>Юридическая помощь с производителями

Stage of work

  • You send a request to the company
  • Our specialists will contact you within 24 hours
  • You provide all the required documents
  • Our company issues a power of attorney
  • Then the lawyers contact the manufacturer and find the optimal solution to the problem

Как правило, споры решаются в досудебном порядке и редко доходят до суда, но при необходимых обстоятельствах наша компания готова защищать Ваши интересы и в суде.

Для того, чтобы подать заявку, заполните форму ниже и наши специалисты свяжутся с Вами.

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