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Purchase of goods from all online platforms

Chinese products have become the main source of income for many CIS businessmen. The established supply of goods from China to Russia and working sales mechanisms give their financial results, and this trend is only gaining momentum. Currently, it is enough to have Internet access to establish a successful business with China..

China is famous for an abundance of choice of goods. In the market of this country, you can find everything at minimal cost. We will help you find the right products, but 20 - 40% cheaper than common prices in China. Does it sound like a fairytale? We don't think so!

Low wages for labor and responsible employees significantly reduce production costs and, as a result, lower the cost of the product. This is why many of the world's largest companies are opening branches in China.

However, at present, consumers have a stereotype that all products and goods from China can be purchased at the lowest cost. But this opinion is wrong.

Выкуп товара со всех online платформ

Pricing on international online platforms

Few people know that international platforms that work for the CIS market, inflate their percentage, reaching 40%. Every month 24.5 million people place an order on Aliexpress, and the idea that this site is selling cheap goods is firmly ingrained in the minds of consumers.

Also note that the principle of website promotion in China is very different from other countries. What Chinese residents will see on the first lines in the search engine has absolutely no relation to what the search result will be for us. Residents of the CIS countries will see the 10 most popular European sites that operate on the territory of the countries.

Products directly from the manufacturer

Products directly from the manufacturer will cost much less than from international sites. When buying, it is profitable to send a link of the product, or a photo, add a description and ask to buy the same product, but from Chinese online platforms: Taobao, Paipai, etc.

We buy products directly from the manufacturer.

There is one advantage when searching for the right product: we explore several Chinese websites and find it at minimum cost. In addition, we have the opportunity of obtaining discounts from manufacturers directly.

We will find the right product, check the quality and arrange delivery to your country

Why is it profitable to cooperate with us?

  • Our top priority is saving your money. You get the product without the inflated cost from intermediaries.
  • Shorter delivery time. After payment, the product is delivered within 10 days. If necessary, we send it to your place.
  • We check the quality of the product. After initially checking the quality of products, many risks are eliminated. Chinese suppliers try to sell goods to our compatriots via Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. When a product arrives in Russia, the manufacturer's responsibility for its quality decreases. It will take 2-3 weeks to return the product.
  • We work with each client individually
  • Receiving parcels to our site is 24/7.

If you are interested in buying a product that is 20-40% lower than the market price, then fill out the application and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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