Suppliers from China

Searching and selecting of suppliers and
building relationships with them

While working in the Chinese market, we have encountered a large number of both manufacturers and intermediaries. And they are all different. Now we want to touch on the topic of manufacturers that will bring you profit.

Many Chinese companies are not focused on working with the foreign market: they do not understand the requirements of customers, do not know international standards, and do not see the benefits of meeting wholesale buyers from Russia.

At any stage of building a business, it is important to be clear to a partner from China.

A foreign language, a foreign country, a foreign mentality. But at the same time, there are a lot of prospects for a successful business. Why not try it? And you take a confident first step forward.

1 step

You study the market in order to organize deliveries and work with the supplier for a long time

Step 2

You purchase products and deliver them to Russia

Step 3

Implement it with the most profitable margin for you

Difficulties in choosing a direct chinese supplier.

In our practice, we have come across the fact that many companies are not focused on working with the foreign market and do not have a person who would solve issues with foreign partners.

Also, such companies may not have experience in delivering products to a foreign market and may not know international quality standards

  • Do not have an export license
  • You may not always find the supplier with the lowest price for the product
  • There are difficulties in communication. Few Chinese people know English

These difficulties can be avoided by carefully preparing in advance for the selection of a supplier.

Our company will find a reliable supplier in china for you

If you are just entering the Chinese market, the probability of misses is high. It is profitable to work with a team that will protect your business and reduce risks.

We will help you find a reliable manufacturer in China.

As a result of working with us you get:

  • List of factories and suppliers according to the specified parameters: quality, cost, assortment, delivery conditions
  • Verification of registration documents, certificates and licenses
  • Request and familiarization with the financial statements of the company and the amount of authorized capital
  • Providing product catalogs and contacts for communication
  • Providing recommendations to major wholesalers and reaching out to manufacturers of well-known brands

Additional advantages:

Due to our experience and knowledge, we find the best offers in the short time.

Since we are located in China, we understand the culture and traditions of doing business with China. Understanding all the nuances helps to build effective partnerships.

It should also be noted that we are engaged in the search and detailed verification of Chinese manufacturers from Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the entire People's Republic of China.

Direct cooperation with the supplier minimizes the possibility of additional payments.

In other words, we are a representative of your interests on the territory of another country, who provides competent financial and legal advice.

Who benefits from working with us:

  • Companies that have a wide range of products
  • Companies that order products frequently and in a small volume
  • Companies that value timely delivery more than a small difference in price
  • The new start-ups who are just entering the Chinese market

If you decide to find a supplier yourself, then evaluate all the factors comprehensively and calculate the risks in advance.

If you need professional help, our company will be happy to help you find a reliable supplier. In this case you are guaranteed to save money.

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